Facials services

What kinds of Facials do we do? 

At Aloha Beauty Room we offer customized facial treatments depending on your skin type and condition.

  • Aloha Bright and Glow Facial - 60 min


    Aloha Signature Facial includes professional cleansing, deep nose area extractions by hand, customized mask, face massage and recommendations for home care. You will feel refreshed and your skin will be glowing.

  • Anti-Aging Firming Collagen Facial - 60 min


    Customized Facial, recommended for healthy skin over 30 year old, with professional Babor Collagen Protocol, to promote young looking skin and infuse it with Collagen.

  • Men's Energizing Facial - 60 mins


  • Customized Men’s Facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, customized mask and face massage.

    What kind of Facial should I choose?

    It depends on your skin and your desired results.

    If you have healthy skin, but are looking for a brighter looking, glowing skin and light cleansing or peel, then we recommend our Aloha Signature Facial, that includes cleansing, nose area black heads extractions, customized mask and a face massage. You will leave glowing and refreshed.

    If your skin shows signs of aging, we recommend you try our professional Babor Collagen Facial. It diminishes small wrinkles and provides a firmer looking skin.

    If you have any questions about what facial to choose, please do not hesitate to call us at 403-9739030.

    We also offer Complimentary 30 min Skin Consultations where you can find out what skin care routine is best for you.

    Customized FACIAL


    What steps are included in a facial? 

    1. Makeup removal
    2. Cleansing
    3. Toning and Balancing
    4. Manual extractions with steaming
    5. Customized Peel (not for congested skin)
    6. Mask
    7. Hot Towel
    8. Neck & shoulder massage
    9. Face massage
    10. Serum
    11. Eye Cream
    12. Moisturizer ( spf, non spf)